"Beatriz" by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque (1983) --- Look I wonder if she's a maiden I wonder if she's sad I wonder if it's just the contrary I wonder if it's painting The face of the actress If she dances in the seventh heaven If she believes it's another country And if she just learns her part… Continue reading Beatriz

Futuros Amantes

Lyrics from "Futuros Amantes" by Chico Buarque (1993) (After the song in this video Chico comments on Brazilian songs about love and heartbreak, mentioning some of his favorites.) -- Don't get flustered, nothing needs to happen right now Love's in no hurry, it can wait in silence Buried deep in a bureau In the poste-restante Millennia,… Continue reading Futuros Amantes

“Estrela de Madureira” and “Madureira Chorou”

Lyrics from "Estrela de Madureira" by Acyr Pimentel and Cardoso; recorded by Roberto Ribeiro (1975) --- Shining in a tremendous theater, in a tourbillion of light, of light The vision appears of she who my samba expresses The star goes on shining, a thousand sequins sprinkling the ground with poetry The lead showgirl from the suburb on the Central line… Continue reading “Estrela de Madureira” and “Madureira Chorou”