"Beatriz" by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque (1983) --- Look I wonder if she's a maiden I wonder if she's sad I wonder if it's just the contrary I wonder if it's painting The face of the actress If she dances in the seventh heaven If she believes it's another country And if she just learns her part… Continue reading Beatriz

Trilogia do Alumbramento

Lyrics from Trilogia do Alumbramento: "Súplica" (1979), "O poder da criação" (1980), and "Minha missão" (1981) by João Nogueira and Paulo César Pinheiro --- Good Audio Versions: Súplica, O poder da criação, Minha missão --- "Súplica" The body, death takes away The voice vanishes in the wind Pain rises into the darkness The name, the works… Continue reading Trilogia do Alumbramento