“Canção do Sal”

Lyrics from "Canção do Sal" by Milton Nascimento (1966) https://youtu.be/S0ri6LFAwdg?list=PLVzIDK0SR6tDe6cTvBDom9NhiOkca1SXG Trabalhando o sal é amor o suor que me sai/ Working the salt the sweat that pours from me is loveVou viver cantando o dia tão quente que faz/ I will go on singing for this blistering hot dayHomem ver criança buscando conchinhas no mar/… Continue reading “Canção do Sal”


"Beatriz" by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque (1983) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZO2kfmjrS0 --- Look I wonder if she's a maiden I wonder if she's sad I wonder if it's just the contrary I wonder if it's painting The face of the actress If she dances in the seventh heaven If she believes it's another country And if she just learns her part… Continue reading Beatriz

Viola Enluarada

Lyrics from "Viola Enluarada" by Marcos Valle and Paulo Sérgio Valle (1968) --- Good Audio Version (Marcos Valle and Milton Nascimento) --- The hand that plays a guitar, if necessary, makes war Kills the world, wounds the earth. The voice that sings a song, if necessary, sings a hymn Exalts death. Viola on a moonlit night… Continue reading Viola Enluarada