Tempos idos

Lyrics from "Tempos idos" by Cartola and Carlos Cachaça (1961) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnh_5Qj91YA&list=RDDnh_5Qj91YA Os tempos idos// Times long past Nunca esquecidos // Never forgotten Trazem saudades ao recordar // Fill me with saudades as I remember É com tristeza que eu relembro // It's with sorrow that I reminisce about Coisas remotas que não vêm mais // Long ago affairs that… Continue reading Tempos idos

Não quero mais amar a ninguém

Lyrics from "Não quero mais amar a ninguém" by Carlos Cachaça, Cartola and Zé da Zilda (Zé com fome), 1936 --- I no longer wish to love anyone I wasn't happy, fate didn't will My first love It died like the flower, yet a bud Leaving thorns that tore up my heart (repeat) A seed… Continue reading Não quero mais amar a ninguém


Lyrics from "Alvorada" by Cartola, Carlos Cachaça and Hermínio Bello de Carvalho (1968) --- Good Audio Version --- Dawn up on the hillside, what beauty No one cries, there's no sorrow, no one feels displeasure... The sun, coloring, is so lovely, is so lovely And nature smiling, painting, painting, ... dawn You too remind me of… Continue reading Alvorada