Lyrics from "Alvorada" by Cartola, Carlos Cachaça and Hermínio Bello de Carvalho (1968) --- Good Audio Version --- Dawn up on the hillside, what beauty No one cries, there's no sorrow, no one feels displeasure... The sun, coloring, is so lovely, is so lovely And nature smiling, painting, painting, ... dawn You too remind me of… Continue reading Alvorada

Piano na Mangueira

Lyrics from "Piano na Mangueira" Music by Tom Jobim, Lyrics by Chico Buarque Album: Antônio Brasileiro (1994) --- Mangueira I'm on the platform Of the First Station The Hill came to call me In a white suit and a straw hat I will introduce myself to my new partner I already ordered the piano to… Continue reading Piano na Mangueira