Tempos idos

Lyrics from "Tempos idos" by Cartola and Carlos Cachaça (1961) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnh_5Qj91YA&list=RDDnh_5Qj91YA Os tempos idos// Times long past Nunca esquecidos // Never forgotten Trazem saudades ao recordar // Fill me with saudades as I remember É com tristeza que eu relembro // It's with sorrow that I reminisce about Coisas remotas que não vêm mais // Long ago affairs that… Continue reading Tempos idos


Lyrics from "Acontece" by Cartola Album: Cartola (1974) --- Good Audio Version (Cida Moreira)  and Cartola --- Forget our love, go on and forget it Because everything in the world happens, And it so happens that I don't know how to love anymore You'll cry, you'll suffer, and you don't deserve it, But it happens It so happens… Continue reading Acontece

As Rosas Não Falam

Lyrics from "As Rosas Não Falam" (The Roses Don't Talk) by Cartola Album:  Cartola II (1976) --- My heart beats again with hope Because the summer is coming to an end Finally I return to the garden With the certainty that I should cry Because I know well that you don't want to come back to me I wail to… Continue reading As Rosas Não Falam