Lyrics from "Barulho" by Roque Ferreira (2007) -- --- Fazendo tanto barulho // Making such a fuss Você vai acordar meu orgulho // You're going to awaken my pride Que tanto dorme por nós // Which has slept so much, for us Tudo relevo e tolero // I take and tolerate everything Mas já falei ‘Eu não quero // But… Continue reading Barulho

As Rosas Não Falam

Lyrics from "As Rosas Não Falam" (The Roses Don't Talk) by Cartola Album:  Cartola II (1976) --- My heart beats again with hope Because the summer is coming to an end Finally I return to the garden With the certainty that I should cry Because I know well that you don't want to come back to me I wail to… Continue reading As Rosas Não Falam

Quem Me Vê Sorrindo

Lyrics from "Quem Me Vê Sorrindo" by Cartola Album:  Cartola (1974) --- He who sees me smiling thinks that I’m happy But my smile is for consolation Because I know how to hold back, for no one to see The weeping of my heart That I shed (tears) for this love, perhaps You didn’t understand, and… Continue reading Quem Me Vê Sorrindo