Lyrics from "Barulho" by Roque Ferreira (2007) -- --- Fazendo tanto barulho // Making such a fuss Você vai acordar meu orgulho // You're going to awaken my pride Que tanto dorme por nós // Which has slept so much, for us Tudo relevo e tolero // I take and tolerate everything Mas já falei ‘Eu não quero // But… Continue reading Barulho

Falsa Baiana

Lyrics from "Falsa Baiana" by Geraldo Pereira (1944) --- Good Audio Versions: João Gilberto, Gal Costa --- [This] baiana, who goes into the samba and just stands there Doesn't samba, doesn't dance, doesn't move or nothing Doesn't know how to leave the youth in a craze [The] baiana is the one who goes into the… Continue reading Falsa Baiana

Back in Bahia

Lyrics from "Back in Bahia" by Gilberto Gil Album: Expresso 2222  --- Over there in London, once in awhile, I felt far away from here Once in awhile, when I felt far away, I would find myself Pulling my hair, nervous, wanting to hear  Cely Campelo to keep from falling In that pit, into which… Continue reading Back in Bahia