Ministério da Economia

Lyrics from "Ministério da Economia" by Geraldo Pereira and Arnaldo Passos (1951) --- Mister President, your Excellency has shown that it's for real Now everything's gonna be a steal Now the poor man can go ahead and eat Mister President, well that's just what the people wanted The Ministry of the Economy seems like it will… Continue reading Ministério da Economia

Falsa Baiana

Lyrics from "Falsa Baiana" by Geraldo Pereira (1944) --- Good Audio Versions: João Gilberto, Gal Costa --- [This] baiana, who goes into the samba and just stands there Doesn't samba, doesn't dance, doesn't move or nothing Doesn't know how to leave the youth in a craze [The] baiana is the one who goes into the… Continue reading Falsa Baiana