“Vento de maio” (1966) and “Vento de maio” (1979)

"Vento de maio" by Gilberto Gil (music) and Torquato Neto (lyrics), 1966  --- Oi você, que vem de longe // Hey you [girl] who's come from so far away Caminhando há tanto tempo // Been walking for so long now Que vem de vida cansada // You, arriving tired of life Carregada pelo vento // Carried… Continue reading “Vento de maio” (1966) and “Vento de maio” (1979)

“Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”

Lyrics from "Tenho Sede" by Dominguinhos and Anastácia (1975) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW5CuQFfjlA --- Bring me a cup of water, I'm thirsty and this thirst could kill me My throat yearns for a little water and my eyes yearn for your gaze A plant needs water when it wants to bloom The sky in turn darkens when it… Continue reading “Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”

Expresso 2222

Lyrics from "Expresso 2222" by Gilberto Gil Album: Expresso 2222 LP (Philips, 1972) - Good Audio Version --- The Express 2222 started running It runs direct from Bonsucesso to the hereafter The Express 2222 started running From Brazil Central Station It runs direct from Bonsucesso To after the year 2000 They say there are a… Continue reading Expresso 2222