“Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”

Lyrics from "Tenho Sede" by Dominguinhos and Anastácia (1975) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW5CuQFfjlA --- Bring me a cup of water, I'm thirsty and this thirst could kill me My throat yearns for a little water and my eyes yearn for your gaze A plant needs water when it wants to bloom The sky in turn darkens when it… Continue reading “Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”

O que é, o que é

Lyrics from "O que é, o que é" by Gonzaguinha Album: Caminhos do Coração (1982) --- Good Audio Version --- I stand by the pureness of the children's response: It's life, it's beautiful, and it's beautiful To live and not be ashamed of being happy To sing, and sing and sing the beauty of being an eternal… Continue reading O que é, o que é

“Baião” and “No meu pé de serra”

Lyrics to "Baião" by Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira (1946) --- Good Audio Version (Luiz Gonzaga) --- I'm going to show you all how the baião is danced And whoever wishes to learn, please pay attention Morena, come nearer, right next to my heart And now just follow me, cause I'm going to dance the… Continue reading “Baião” and “No meu pé de serra”