Nordeste Pra Frente

Lyrics from "Nordeste pra frente" by Luiz Gonzaga and Luis Queiroga (1968) --- Sr. repórter já que tá me entrevistando // Mr. Reporter, since you're interviewing me Vá anotando pra botar no seu jornal // Take this down to put in your paper Que meu Nordeste tá mudado // That my Northeast is changed… Continue reading Nordeste Pra Frente

“Baião” and “No meu pé de serra”

Lyrics to "Baião" by Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira (1946) --- Good Audio Version (Luiz Gonzaga) --- I'm going to show you all how the baião is danced And whoever wishes to learn, please pay attention Morena, come nearer, right next to my heart And now just follow me, cause I'm going to dance the… Continue reading “Baião” and “No meu pé de serra”