Nordeste Pra Frente

Lyrics from "Nordeste pra frente" by Luiz Gonzaga and Luis Queiroga (1968) --- Sr. repórter já que tá me entrevistando // Mr. Reporter, since you're interviewing me Vá anotando pra botar no seu jornal // Take this down to put in your paper Que meu Nordeste tá mudado // That my Northeast is changed… Continue reading Nordeste Pra Frente

Cartão de Natal

"Cartão de Natal" (Christmas Card, by Luiz Gonzaga & Zé Dantas, 1954) --- Ouvindo os sinos de Deus // Hearing God's bells Repicando na matriz // Chiming in the parish church Para você e os seus // For you and yours Peço um Natal bem feliz // I wish for a merry Christmas Blem, blem, blem… Continue reading Cartão de Natal

“Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”

Lyrics from "Tenho Sede" by Dominguinhos and Anastácia (1975) --- Bring me a cup of water, I'm thirsty and this thirst could kill me My throat yearns for a little water and my eyes yearn for your gaze A plant needs water when it wants to bloom The sky in turn darkens when it… Continue reading “Tenho Sede” and “Lamento Sertanejo”