A Briga do Edifício Itália e do Hilton Hotel

Lyrics from "A Briga do Edifício Itália e do Hilton Hotel" by Tom Zé (1972) --- Good Audio Version (Tom Zé) --- The Itália building was the king of Ipiranga Avenue Tall, majestic and handsome, no one came close to its greatness But now the Hilton Hotel building showed up Elegant, modern and charming, stealing… Continue reading A Briga do Edifício Itália e do Hilton Hotel

Alegria, Alegria

Lyrics from "Alegria, Alegria" by Caetano Veloso (1967) Original video from Festival Record (1967), apologies for quality --- Good Audio Version --- Walking against the wind, no kerchief, no ID Under the near-December sun I go... The Sun is divided among crimes Spaceships, guerillas And beautiful Cardinales I go... In presidents' faces, in passionate kisses,… Continue reading Alegria, Alegria

Domingo no Parque

Lyrics to "Domingo no Parque" (Sunday in the park) by Gilberto Gil (1967) Recorded  with Os Mutantes for the LP Philips III Festival of Brazilian Popular Music (1967) --- The king of play -- hey, José The king of trouble -- hey, João One worked at the market -- hey José The other in construction --… Continue reading Domingo no Parque