“Vento de maio” (1966) and “Vento de maio” (1979)

"Vento de maio" by Gilberto Gil (music) and Torquato Neto (lyrics), 1966  --- Oi você, que vem de longe // Hey you [girl] who's come from so far away Caminhando há tanto tempo // Been walking for so long now Que vem de vida cansada // You, arriving tired of life Carregada pelo vento // Carried… Continue reading “Vento de maio” (1966) and “Vento de maio” (1979)


Lyrics from "Nanã" by Moacir Santos and Mário Telles (1964) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UrW8mSbpjs --- When I saw Nanã tonight I saw my goddess by the moonlight Every night I gazed at Nanã - the most beautiful thing to behold What joy to finally find this goddess come just for me Nanã And now all I can say is… Continue reading Nanã

Diz que fui por aí

Lyrics from "Diz que fui por aí" by Zé Kéti and Hortêncio Rocha (1964) -- If anyone asks after me, tell them I went out Carrying my guitar under my arm On any corner, I'll stop At any little bar, I'll go in And if there's reason - that's another samba I'll compose If they want to know… Continue reading Diz que fui por aí