“Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”

"Mangueira, Não" by Herivelto Martins and Grande Otelo (1943) ---They destroyed Praça Onze They demolished plazas and roads, I know They can even do away with Estácio, grand old Estácio de Sá Knock down all the morros, tear down my shack But silence Mangueira, no! Mangueira was a morro born dancing samba And lived singing Mangueira was… Continue reading “Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”

Adeus, Mangueira

"Adeus, Mangueira" by Herivelto Martins and Grande Otelo (1958) ---Juscelino summoned me - I'm going to die of saudade, but I'm goingGoodbye, Mangueira, goodbye my Vigário Geral Goodbye, my samba, goodbye federal capital I was born on the morro (ai ai ai), and I grew up on the morro (ai ai ai) Excuse me, Sir,… Continue reading Adeus, Mangueira

Que Rei Sou Eu

Lyrics from "Que Rei Sou Eu" by Herivelto Martins and Valdemar Ressurreição (1945) --- What [sort of] king am I, without a kingdom, without a crown Without a castle, without a queen After all, what sort of king am I? My dominion is small, and it's restricted I only give orders in my district Because… Continue reading Que Rei Sou Eu