“Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”

"Mangueira, Não" by Herivelto Martins and Grande Otelo (1943) ---They destroyed Praça Onze They demolished plazas and roads, I know They can even do away with Estácio, grand old Estácio de Sá Knock down all the morros, tear down my shack But silence Mangueira, no! Mangueira was a morro born dancing samba And lived singing Mangueira was… Continue reading “Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”

Sei lá, Mangueira

Lyrics from "Sei lá, Mangueira" Music by Paulinho da Viola, Lyrics by Hermínio  Bello de Carvalho --- Seen like that, from above It looks more like the sky on the ground What do I know... In Mangueira, poetry made a sea, spread out And the beauty of the place... To be understood it must be believed… Continue reading Sei lá, Mangueira