Homenagem ao Malandro & Homenagem à Velha Guarda

Lyrics from "Homenagem ao Malandro" by Chico Buarque (1978) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fVyckW2ljs --- I went to write a samba in honor of the cream of the malandragem That I know from Carnivals of years gone by I went to Lapa and the trip was wasted 'Cause that kind of malandragem doesn't exist anymore Now it's just not normal The amount of… Continue reading Homenagem ao Malandro & Homenagem à Velha Guarda

“Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”

"Mangueira, Não" by Herivelto Martins and Grande Otelo (1943) ---They destroyed Praça Onze They demolished plazas and roads, I know They can even do away with Estácio, grand old Estácio de Sá Knock down all the morros, tear down my shack But silence Mangueira, no! Mangueira was a morro born dancing samba And lived singing Mangueira was… Continue reading “Mangueira, Não” and “Silenciar a Mangueira, Não”