Lyrics from "Acontece" by Cartola Album: Cartola (1974) --- Good Audio Version (Cida Moreira)  and Cartola --- Forget our love, go on and forget it Because everything in the world happens, And it so happens that I don't know how to love anymore You'll cry, you'll suffer, and you don't deserve it, But it happens It so happens… Continue reading Acontece

“A Flor e o Espinho” and “Folhas Secas”

Lyrics from "A Flor e o Espinho" by Nelson Cavaquinho, Guilherme de Brito and Alcides Caminha (1957) Song begins at 0:55 --- Good Audio Version (Beth Carvalho) --- Get your smile out of the way, cause I want to go by with my pain Today for you I'm just a thorn, and a thorn doesn't… Continue reading “A Flor e o Espinho” and “Folhas Secas”

Sei lá, Mangueira

Lyrics from "Sei lá, Mangueira" Music by Paulinho da Viola, Lyrics by Hermínio  Bello de Carvalho --- Seen like that, from above It looks more like the sky on the ground What do I know... In Mangueira, poetry made a sea, spread out And the beauty of the place... To be understood it must be believed… Continue reading Sei lá, Mangueira