Não quero mais amar a ninguém

Lyrics from "Não quero mais amar a ninguém" by Carlos Cachaça, Cartola and Zé da Zilda (Zé com fome), 1936 --- I no longer wish to love anyone I wasn't happy, fate didn't will My first love It died like the flower, yet a bud Leaving thorns that tore up my heart (repeat) A seed… Continue reading Não quero mais amar a ninguém


Lyrics from "Maringá" by Joubert de Carvalho (1932), recorded by Gastão Formenti: --- It was in a caravan that the cabocla Maringá ended up being the migrant who caused the greatest stir And along with her came someone who begged that she never forget the caboclo who stayed behind In days of old, an unrivaled joy… Continue reading Maringá

Trilogia do Alumbramento

Lyrics from Trilogia do Alumbramento: "Súplica" (1979), "O poder da criação" (1980), and "Minha missão" (1981) by João Nogueira and Paulo César Pinheiro --- Good Audio Versions: Súplica, O poder da criação, Minha missão --- "Súplica" The body, death takes away The voice vanishes in the wind Pain rises into the darkness The name, the works… Continue reading Trilogia do Alumbramento