Sem Ilusão

Lyrics from "Sem Ilusão" by Elton Medeiros and Antonio Valente (1977) --- No carnaval não vou querer me fantasiar// This Carnival, I don't want to put on a costume Não vou querer me vestir de rei// I don't want to dress up as a king Não quero mais colorir a dor// I no longer wish to… Continue reading Sem Ilusão

Ai, que saudades da Amélia

Lyrics from "Ai, que saudades da Amélia" by Ataulfo Alves and Mário Lago (1942) __ I've never seen someone make so many demands, nor do what you do to me You don't know what a conscience is, and don't get that I'm just a poor guy You only think about luxury and riches, everything you… Continue reading Ai, que saudades da Amélia


Lyrics from "Tristeza" by Haroldo Lobo and Niltinho (1966) --- Good Audio Version (Jair Rodrigues) --- (I want to sing again...) Sorrow Please, go away My soul that cries Is foreseeing my end You made my heart into your home My suffering has already gone too far I want to go back to that life… Continue reading Tristeza