“Lábios Que Beijei” – “Nada Além” – “Enquanto Houver Saudade”

Lyrics for "Lábios que beijei" by J. Cascata and Leonel Azevedo, recorded by Orlando Silva (1937) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOzTp267394 ___ Lábios que beijei / Lips that I kissed Mãos que afaguei / Hands that I clutched Numa noite de luar, assim, / On a moonlit night like this O mar na solidão bramia/ The sea in its… Continue reading “Lábios Que Beijei” – “Nada Além” – “Enquanto Houver Saudade”

Ai, que saudades da Amélia

Lyrics from "Ai, que saudades da Amélia" by Ataulfo Alves and Mário Lago (1942) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDtAUiTRzac __ I've never seen someone make so many demands, nor do what you do to me You don't know what a conscience is, and don't get that I'm just a poor guy You only think about luxury and riches, everything you… Continue reading Ai, que saudades da Amélia


Lyrics from "Aurora" by Mário Lago and Roberto Roberti (1941) --- If only you were sincere, o-o-o-oh, Aurora, Check out how good it would be, o-o-o-oh, Aurora (Repeat) A beautiful apartment, with a doorman and an elevator And refrigerated air for hot days "Madame" in front of your name, you would have it now O-o-o-oh,… Continue reading Aurora