“Lábios Que Beijei” – “Nada Além” – “Enquanto Houver Saudade”

Lyrics for "Lábios que beijei" by J. Cascata and Leonel Azevedo, recorded by Orlando Silva (1937) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOzTp267394 ___ Lábios que beijei / Lips that I kissed Mãos que afaguei / Hands that I clutched Numa noite de luar, assim, / On a moonlit night like this O mar na solidão bramia/ The sea in its… Continue reading “Lábios Que Beijei” – “Nada Além” – “Enquanto Houver Saudade”

A Jardineira

Lyrics from "A Jardineira" by Benedito Lacerda and Humberto Porto (1938) --- Good Audio Version (Orlando Silva) --- Oh, gardening girl, why are you so sad? Why, what has befallen you? It was the camellia that fell from the branch, gasped twice and then died... (repeat) Come, gardening girl, come, my love! Don't stay sad -- this world is all… Continue reading A Jardineira