“Na Pavuna” – “Lataria” – “Eu vou pra Vila”

"Na Pavuna" by Almirante and Homero Dornelas (pseudonym "Candoca da Anunciação"), released by Bando de Tangarás, January 1930 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkvE2WnIJuE __ Na Pavuna // In Pavuna Na Pavuna // In Pavuna Tem um samba // There's a samba Que só dá gente "reiúna" // Thronged with troopers* O malandro que só canta com harmonia // The… Continue reading “Na Pavuna” – “Lataria” – “Eu vou pra Vila”


Lyrics from "Vingança" by José Maria de Abreu and Francisco Matoso; recorded by Gastão Formenti (1935) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byq6LrMfoqI ___ Lá na beira do roçado // Out at the farmland's edge Onde a tristeza não vem // Where sorrow doesn't reach Eu vivia sossegado // I lived so serenely Com a viola do meu lado // With… Continue reading Vingança

“Chorando Baixinho” and “Winger theme” (Stripes)

Today I'm departing from the usual format of this blog to tell a little story I found funny about a lyric-less choro song.  If any of you, my dear readers, are fans of the 1981 comedy Stripes, and happen to have watched it enough to have the soundtrack fully fixed in your memory, then maybe you'll remember… Continue reading “Chorando Baixinho” and “Winger theme” (Stripes)