Foi um rio que passou em minha vida

Lyrics from "Foi um rio que passou em minha vida" by Paulinho da Viola (1969) --- If some day my heart is consulted To find out if it ever went astray It will be tough to deny My heart has a compulsion for love; love isn't easy to find The mark of my dashed dreams is deep, is deep Only a love can erase it...… Continue reading Foi um rio que passou em minha vida

“Coisas banais” and “Preciso me encontrar”

Lyrics from "Coisas banais" by Candeia and Paulinho da Viola (1970) --- Look here, that's not how we treat what we have If our love is true, pride, vanity and disaffection are mundane things That only serve to hurt our love If you wish to leave, take the longing, take the pain And leave peace… Continue reading “Coisas banais” and “Preciso me encontrar”

Coisas do Mundo, Minha Nega

Lyrics from Coisas do Mundo, Minha Nega by Paulinho da Viola (1967) --- Good Audio Version (Paulinho da Viola) --- Today I came, my nega As I come whenever I can In my mouth, the same words; in my heart, the same remorse, In my hands the same violin where I carved your name (repeat)… Continue reading Coisas do Mundo, Minha Nega