Inimigo do Batente

Lyrics from "Inimigo do Batente" by Wilson Batista and Germano Augusto, released by Dircinha Batista (1939) Eu já não posso mais!/ I can’t take it anymore!A minha vida não é brincadeira/ My life isn’t a jokeEstou me desmilinguindo igual a sabão na mão da lavadeira/ I’m wasting away just like soap in a washerwoman’s… Continue reading Inimigo do Batente

Rapaz folgado

Lyrics from "Rapaz Folgado" (Idle Youth) by Noel Rosa (1933) --- Stop dragging your wood-soled shoe Because a wood-soled shoe was never a sandal Take that kerchief off your neck Buy dress shoes and a tie Throw out that razor That gets in your way With your hat to the side, you slipped up I… Continue reading Rapaz folgado