Inimigo do Batente

Lyrics from "Inimigo do Batente" by Wilson Batista and Germano Augusto, released by Dircinha Batista (1939) Eu já não posso mais!/ I can’t take it anymore!A minha vida não é brincadeira/ My life isn’t a jokeEstou me desmilinguindo igual a sabão na mão da lavadeira/ I’m wasting away just like soap in a washerwoman’s… Continue reading Inimigo do Batente

Meus vinte anos

Lyrics from "Meus vinte anos" by Wilson Batista and Silvio Caldas (1942) --- Good Audio Version (Silvio Caldas) --- In women's eyes, in the mirror in my room Is where I see my age The portrait in the living room makes me remember achingly my youth Life for me has been so wretched, only bitter… Continue reading Meus vinte anos

Rapaz folgado

Lyrics from "Rapaz Folgado" (Idle Youth) by Noel Rosa (1933) --- Stop dragging your wood-soled shoe Because a wood-soled shoe was never a sandal Take that kerchief off your neck Buy dress shoes and a tie Throw out that razor That gets in your way With your hat to the side, you slipped up I… Continue reading Rapaz folgado