Lyrics from Sasaci-Pererê by Jorge Ben (1982) _ Sasaci Sasaci Pererê Saci, Saci Pererê Pula, brinca e joga// Jump joke play Que eu quero ver //That's what I want to see Toda turma vai querer fazer // Every gang is gonna want to make Uma aposta com você// A bet with you E essa aposta… Continue reading Sasaci-Pererê

Charles, Anjo 45

Lyrics from "Charles, Anjo 45" by Jorge Ben Album: Jorge Ben (LP, 1969) --- Oba, oba, oba Charles What's the deal My friend Charles How are things going Charles? Charles, Angel 45 Protector of the weak And the oppressed Robin Hood of the hillsides King of malandragem A true man With a lot of courage Just… Continue reading Charles, Anjo 45


Lyrics from "Zumbi" by Jorge Ben Album: A Tábua de Esmeralda (1974) --- Angola, Congo, Benguela Monjolo, Cabinda, Mina Quiloa, Rebolo Here where the men are There's a big auction They say that in the auction, There's  a princess for sale Who came, together with her subjects Chained on an oxcart I want to see,… Continue reading Zumbi