“Tocando em Frente” and “Amora”

Lyrics from "Tocando em Frente" by Renato Teixeira and Almir Sater, released by Maria Bethânia (1990) --- Good Audio Version (Renato Teixeira) --- I go slowly because I've already been in a rush And I wear this smile because I've already cried too much Today I feel stronger, happier - who knows I carry with… Continue reading “Tocando em Frente” and “Amora”


Lyrics from "Romaria" (1977) Sung by Elis Regina Composed by Renato Teixeira --- It's of dream and dust The destiny of one alone Like me lost In thought On my horse It's of lasso and knot Of holster and jiló   Of this life carried out alone I'm caipira, Pirapora Our Lady of Aparecida Illuminate… Continue reading Romaria