Lyrics from "Raízes" by Renato Teixeira (~1992) https://youtu.be/jAN17g4G5K8 Galo cantou // Cock crowed Madrugada na campina // Dawn on the plain Manhã menina // Tender morning Tá na flor do meu jardim // Is on the flower in my garden Hoje é domingo // Today is Sunday Me desculpe eu tô sem pressa // Forgive… Continue reading Raízes

“Tocando em Frente” and “Amora”

Lyrics from "Tocando em Frente" by Renato Teixeira and Almir Sater, released by Maria Bethânia (1990) --- Good Audio Version (Renato Teixeira) --- I go slowly because I've already been in a rush And I wear this smile because I've already cried too much Today I feel stronger, happier - who knows I carry with… Continue reading “Tocando em Frente” and “Amora”