O Quereres

Lyrics from "O Quereres" by Caetano Veloso Album:  Velô (1984) --- Where you want a revolver, I'm a coconut tree And where you want money, I'm passion Where you want rest, I'm desire And where I'm desire, you don't want it And where you want nothing, nothing lacks And where you fly really high, I'm… Continue reading O Quereres

O Leãozinho

Lyrics from "O Leãozinho" by Caetano Veloso Album: Bicho (1977) --- I really like seeing you, Little Lion Walking under the sun I really like you, Little Lion To un-sadden, Little Lion, my oh so lonely heart It's enough to come upon you along my way A lion cub, a morning ray of light Pulling… Continue reading O Leãozinho

Panis et Circenses

Lyrics from "Panis et Circenses" (Bread and Circus) by  Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso with Os Mutantes; arrangement and sound by Rogério Duprat Album:  Tropicalia: ou Panis et Circensis (1968) & Os Mutantes (1968) --- I wanted to sing my song, illuminated by the sun I unfurled the sails on the masts in the air I set free the tigers and the lions… Continue reading Panis et Circenses