Canto do povo de um lugar

Lyrics from "Canto do povo de um lugar" by Caetano Veloso (1975) --- Good Audio Version (Pena Branca and Xavantinho with Renato Teixeira) --- Every day the sun rises And we sing to the sun of each day Late afternoon, the land blushes And we weep because the afternoon is gone When it's night, the gentle… Continue reading Canto do povo de um lugar

Alegria, Alegria

Lyrics from "Alegria, Alegria" by Caetano Veloso (1967) Original video from Festival Record (1967), apologies for quality --- Good Audio Version --- Walking against the wind, no kerchief, no ID Under the near-December sun I go... The Sun is divided among crimes Spaceships, guerillas And beautiful Cardinales I go... In presidents' faces, in passionate kisses,… Continue reading Alegria, Alegria

Charles, Anjo 45

Lyrics from "Charles, Anjo 45" by Jorge Ben Album: Jorge Ben (LP, 1969) --- Oba, oba, oba Charles What's the deal My friend Charles How are things going Charles? Charles, Angel 45 Protector of the weak And the oppressed Robin Hood of the hillsides King of malandragem A true man With a lot of courage Just… Continue reading Charles, Anjo 45