Conversa de Botequim

Lyrics from "Conversa de Botequim" by Noel Rosa and Vadico (1935) --- Good Audio Version --- Mister Waiter, do me a favor and bring me hurriedly A good coffee that's not reheated Some bread, nice and warm, with plenty of butter A napkin and a cup of chilled water Close the door on the right,… Continue reading Conversa de Botequim

Coisas Nossas

Lyrics from "Coisas nossas" by Noel Rosa (1932) --- I would like to be a tambourine To feel all day long Your hand drumming on my skin. This longing for the guitar and the shack, Our things, our things Samba, pennilessness And other fashions They're our things, they're things of ours! The malandro that doesn't… Continue reading Coisas Nossas

Rapaz folgado

Lyrics from "Rapaz Folgado" (Idle Youth) by Noel Rosa (1933) --- Stop dragging your wood-soled shoe Because a wood-soled shoe was never a sandal Take that kerchief off your neck Buy dress shoes and a tie Throw out that razor That gets in your way With your hat to the side, you slipped up I… Continue reading Rapaz folgado