Sinal Fechado

Lyrics from "Sinal Fechado" by Paulinho da Viola Albums: 45 with "Ruas que sonhei" (1969);  Sinal Fechado, Chico Buarque (1974) --- -- Hello, how are you doing? -- I'm getting along, and you, all is well? -- All is well, I'm getting along running, to secure my place in the future, and you? -- All is… Continue reading Sinal Fechado

Ruas que sonhei

Lyrics from "Ruas que sonhei" by Paulinho da Viola Album: Sinal Fechado (EP, 1969) and Foi um rio que passou em minha vida (1970) --- The sun that beats on the sidewalk this afternoon Didn't bring the day that my gaze yearns for And it takes away the consolation of the morenas' gazes Just when it's time… Continue reading Ruas que sonhei