“Saudosa Maloca” & “Torresmo à Milanesa”

Lyrics from "Saudosa Maloca" by Adoniran Barbosa (1951), interpreted by Adoniran Barbosa & Conjunto do Nelson Miranda https://youtu.be/VVm8GivRRLM ___ [intro: Saudosa maloca // Dear old hut Maloca querida // Beloved hut Onde nóis passemos // Where we spent Dias feliz de nossa vida // Happy days of our life (2x)] Se o sinhô não tá… Continue reading “Saudosa Maloca” & “Torresmo à Milanesa”

“Esquiva da Esgrima”

"Esquiva da Esgrima" by Criolo (2014) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1cI4nYIQqs Talking too much makes gum go sour Call in SAMU and teach this fool to respect our principles There's more god to give than y'all in a chamberpot Back in the day words alone sorted things out An exchange of ideas -- respect was enough Money is vile, uncle transacted, virile instincts The AR-15's loaded… Continue reading “Esquiva da Esgrima”

“Volta por cima” and “Ronda”

Lyrics from "Volta por cima" (1962) and "Ronda" (1967) by Paulo Vanzolini "Volta por cima" --- I cried, I didn't try to hide it, everyone saw They pretended to pity me, they needn't have There where I cried, anyone would cry Come back out on top like I did, I'd like to see who could… Continue reading “Volta por cima” and “Ronda”