“Volta por cima” and “Ronda”

Lyrics from "Volta por cima" (1962) and "Ronda" (1967) by Paulo Vanzolini "Volta por cima" --- I cried, I didn't try to hide it, everyone saw They pretended to pity me, they needn't have There where I cried, anyone would cry Come back out on top like I did, I'd like to see who could… Continue reading “Volta por cima” and “Ronda”

Longe de casa

Lyrics from "Longe de casa" by Paulo Vanzolini and Eduardo Gudin --- Good Audio Version (Dona Inah) --- Far from home, I cry and want nothing Because off his land, no one wants nor can do anything I miss São Paulo, miss hearing, in the wee hours, low guitar strings And a flute crying its choro… Continue reading Longe de casa