Lyrics to "Maracangalha" by Dorival Caymmi (1956) --- Good Audio Version (Dorival Caymmi) --- I'm going to Maracangalha, I'm going I'm going in a white uniform, I'm going I'm going in a straw hat, I'm going I'm going to invite Anália, I'm going If Anália doesn't want to go, I'll go alone, I'll go alone, I'll… Continue reading Maracangalha


Lyrics from "Marina" by Dorival Caymmi (1947) --- Good Audio Version (Danilo Caymmi) --- Marina, morena Marina, you've made yourself up Marina, do anything, but do me a favor Don't paint that face that I fancy That I fancy, and is only mine Marina, you're already pretty With what God gave you I'm annoyed, I've… Continue reading Marina

Saudade da Bahia

Lyrics from "Saudade da Bahia" by Dorival Caymmi (1957, Odeon) 1973 footage of Caymmi singing "Saudade da Bahia," aired in a tribute after his death on Aug. 16, 2008: --- Ai,  what longing I feel for Bahia Ai, if I'd listened to what mama said "Dear, don't go leaving your mother worried We do as… Continue reading Saudade da Bahia