Falando de amor

"Falando de amor" by Tom Jobim (1979) Dialogue until minute 1:08: https://youtu.be/3mIvdzqrpXU - Song without dialogue: --- If I were able for a day, this love, this joy I swear I'd give you - if I were able - this love every day Come close, come without fear, come closer my sweet-heart Come listen to this secret hidden in a choro song… Continue reading Falando de amor


Lyrics from "Corcovado" by Antônio Carlos Jobim (1960) --- Good Audio Version (João Gilberto) --- A little nook, a guitar This love, a song To make the loved one happy Plenty of calm to think, and to have time to dream Through the window I see Corcovado, Redentor, how lovely I want life like this… Continue reading Corcovado


Lyrics from "Lígia" by Tom Jobim (1972) --- Good Audio Version (João Gilberto) --- I've never dreamed of you, I've never gone to the movies I don't like samba, I don't go to Ipanema I don't like rain, I don't like sun I never called you up, why, if I knew? I never attempted -… Continue reading Lígia