Influência do Jazz

Lyrics from "Influência do Jazz" by Carlos Lira (1962) --- My poor samba It started getting mixed up and modernized, and got lost And the sway, where is it? It's gone Where's that shimmy that stirs us up Poor thing, my samba changed all of a sudden Influence of jazz It almost died And ends up… Continue reading Influência do Jazz


Lyrics from "Sabiá" (Song-Thrush), 1968 Music by Tom Jobim Lyrics by Chico Buarque Good audio verison --- I'm going to go back I know that I'm going to go back, yet To my  place It was over there And it's still over there And I will hear Singing A Sabiá Singing A Sabiá I'm going… Continue reading Sabiá

Apesar de você

Lyrics from "Apesar de você" by Chico Buarque (1970) Album: Chico Buarque (Samambaia) 1978 Good audio version: Apesar de você --- Tomorrow will be another day... Today, you're the one who calls the shots That's it,  it's been spoken There's no arguing My people walk around today Speaking to the side and looking toward the ground Got… Continue reading Apesar de você