Meus vinte anos

Lyrics from "Meus vinte anos" by Wilson Batista and Silvio Caldas (1942) --- Good Audio Version (Silvio Caldas) --- In women's eyes, in the mirror in my room Is where I see my age The portrait in the living room makes me remember achingly my youth Life for me has been so wretched, only bitter… Continue reading Meus vinte anos

Lenço no Pescoço

Lyrics from "Lenço no Pescoço" by Wilson Batista Recorded by Silvio Caldas in 1933 Good audio version(Grooveshark) --- My hat tilted to the side Wood-soled shoe dragging Kerchief around my neck Razor in my pocket I swagger around I provoke and challenge I am proud To be such a vagabond (Repeat) I know they talk… Continue reading Lenço no Pescoço