Lyrics from "Positivismo" by Noel Rosa and Orestes Barbosa (1933) https://youtu.be/cDNXg_KdTM0 Recording by Noel Rosa (1933). https://youtu.be/Z39DlhpRMyw And João Nogueira's rendition, from 1981, on the album Wilson, Geraldo, e Noel. A verdade, meu amor, mora num poço / The truth, my love, lies in a wellÉ Pilatos lá na Bíblia quem nos diz / It's… Continue reading Positivismo

Chão de Estrelas

Lyrics from "Chão de Estrelas" (Starry Ground) by Orestes Barbosa and Sílvio Caldas (1937) --- Good Audio Version (João Gilberto) --- My life was an illuminated stage, I was always dressed in gold A clown of lost illusions Covered in phony bells of joy, I went around singing my fantasy Among the feverish palms* of hearts My… Continue reading Chão de Estrelas