Rosa de Hiroshima

Lyrics from "Rosa de Hiroshima" by Vinicius de Moraes, music by  Gérson Conrad; released by Secos & Molhados (1973) -- Pensem nas criancas // Think of the children Mudas, Telepáticas // Mute, telepathic Pensem nas meninas // Think of the girls Cegas, inexatas // Blind, inexact (amiss) Pensem nas mulheres // Think of the… Continue reading Rosa de Hiroshima

Sangue Latino

Lyrics to "Sangue Latino" by Secos & Molhados, 1973 (lyrics by João Ricardo and Paulinho Mendonça) I swore by lies and I go on alone I acknowledge my sins The northern winds don't move mills And all I have left is just a whimper My life, my dead, my twisted paths My latin blood, my captive soul I breached… Continue reading Sangue Latino