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O Quereres

Lyrics from “O Quereres” by Caetano Veloso Album:  Velô (1984) — Where you want a revolver, I’m a coconut tree And where you want money, I’m passion Where you want rest, I’m desire And where I’m desire, you don’t want … Continue reading

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As Rosas Não Falam

Lyrics from “As Rosas Não Falam” (The Roses Don’t Talk) by Cartola Album:  Cartola II (1976) — My heart beats again with hope Because the summer is coming to an end Finally I return to the garden With the certainty that I should cry Because … Continue reading

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A Banda

Lyrics from “A Banda” (The Band) by Chico Buarque Album: Chico Buarque de Hollanda (1966) — I was lazing about in life My love called me To see the band pass by Singing songs of love My long-suffering people Bid … Continue reading

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